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Hydraulic Braked Trailer Axles
If you are considering replacing your trailer axle or building a new trailer, we recommend you give some thought to how, where and how long you intend to use this trailer. The axles, accompanying hub assembly and brake mechanism are often overlooked but possibly the most crucial part of a trailer. When trailers break down next to the road, the wheel assembly or maintenance thereof is normally to blame.
At Hydrapro Trailer and Marine we find ourselves very biased to axles with disc brakes. This allows you visual access to your brakes without removing a wheel or brake drum. For boat trailers it allows water to drain more quickly and the ability to easily rinse salt water off the brakes with a hosepipe and Salt Assassin (find on product page).
We also find ourselves biased towards the Oil Filled Axles. These do not require the bearings to be greased. Instead the bearings are submerged and run in oil keeping them better lubricated, running cooler, sealed from water or dust and require very little maintenance. The above combination offers peace of mind in that your trailer wheels and brakes are safe and simply going to do their job. Not being left stranded next to the road, the additional life span and safety factors make these axles well worth the investment.
The following axles are available

Tomcat Oil Filled 2,5ton Hydraulic Disc brakes
Tomcat Oil Filled 3.5ton Hydraulic Disc Brakes

2.5ton 50x50 SQU 5/6 12 Hydraulic Disc brakes
3ton 60x50 SQU 5/6 12 Hydraulic Disc brakes

The above can be personalised to fit:
 •  5 or 6 stud rims
•  your stud PCD’s
•  your track width.